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Chorlton Road Congregational Church, Old Trafford
Chorlton Road Congregational Church, Old Trafford
Cannon Street Chapel, Chorlton Road Congregational Church, Melbourne Street Mission and Tatton Street Mission1752-1973
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Cannon Street Chapel records: Membership Records, 1829-1864; Pastorate Records, 1752-1790; Administrative/Trust Records 1788-1877; Financial Records, 1847-1848; Church Histories and Publications; Sunday School Accounts Book, 1846-1851Chorlton Road Congregational Church records, 1861-1972: Membership Records - Membership Rolls, 1887-1931; Members List, 1939, Photographs of Rev. Pearce Jones, c.1960; Administrative Records - Reports and proposals, 1940s-1970s; Correspondence, 1912, 1933, 1958; Church Meeting Minutes, 1859-1943; Deacons' Meeting Minutes, 1862-1966; Development Committee Papers, 1950s; Elders' Board Minutes, 1876-1919; General Purpose Committee and House Committee Minute, 1938-1946; House Committee, Construction Committee and Development Committee Meeting Minutes and papers, 1941-1955; Hulme Group Development Committee Minutes, 1960-1962; Mission Statement, 1937; Financial Records - Analysis Account Books, 1937-1949; Cash Books, 1908-1938; Ledgers, 1919-1949; Whit Week Expense Book, 1866-1888; Pew Rent Books, 1876-1929; Balance Sheets, 1916-1955; Property and Premises Records - Extension Scheme, 1870s; Church Organ, 1924-1946; Heating System, 1949-1950; Reconstruction and Development Committee, 1940s-1960s' Societies and Organisations - Arts and Crafts Committee, 1909-1911; Band of Hope, 1878-1905; Church Choir, 1879-1914; Congregational Missionary Society, 1879-1935; South Manchester Ministers Fraternal Society, 1941-1950; Temperence Society, 1885-1904; Young People's Fellowship (Y.P.F), 1926-1955; Youth Auxiliary Missionary Society, 1871-1878; The Boys Brigade, 1954; Missionary societies material, 1906-1907, 1928; Publications - Church Magazine, 1871-1916; The Silent Visitor (Church Magazine), 1936-1938; Church Manuals, 1873-1938; Church Histories, Church Letters and Circulars, 1861-1970; Photographs of the church, c.1870, c.1900, c.1941, c.1960; Sunday School Records - Sunday School Council Minutes, 1882-1940; Sunday School Teachers' Meeting Minutes, 1894-1957; Sunday School Executive Committee Minutes, 1909-1916; Membership Records, c.1880-1940Melbourne Street Mission records 1891-1944Tatton Street Mission records 1903-1931See also accession 2008/64:BOX 1Roll of church members, 1 vol, 1938-2008Attendance roll of members, 1 vol, 1937-1951Membership Lists, 1 file, 1992-1995Minutes of Church Meetings, 1 vol, 1943-1964BOX 2Minutes of Church Meetings, 1 bundle, 1964-1987BOX 3Minutes of Elders' Meetings, 1 bundle, 1966-1985Minutes of Elders' Meetings, 1 file, 1990-1993BOX 4Minutes of Church Meetings, 1 file, 1988-1995Minutes of Church and Elders' Meetings, 1 file, 1992-1995Minutes of Church and Elders' Meetings, 1 file, 1996Minutes of Church and Elders' Meetings, 1 file, 1997Minutes of Church and Elders' Meetings, 1 file, 1998-1999BOX 5Minutes of Church and Elders' Meetings, 1 file, 2000-2001Minutes of Church and Elders' Meetings, 1 file, 2002Sunday School Register, 1 vol, 1951-1961Sunday School Junior Register, 1 vol, 1963-1965BOX 6Sunday School Senior Register, 1 leaflet, 1966-1967Sunday Schools Missionary Society Annual Committee Meeting Minute book, 1 vol, 1878-1891 (includes reports and accounts)Sunday School Leaders, Teachers and Annual General Meetings Minute book, 1 vol, 1958-1971Women's Guild Minutes, 1 vol, 1960-1987Women's Guild Register of attendance, 1983-1992BOX 7Correspondence regarding deeds, etc., 1 file, 1872-1940Bundles of correspondence:Correspondence regarding transfer of deeds to Lancashire Congregational Union, 1939Correspondence regarding Chorlton Road Manse, 1921The Manse Fund Acknowledgement, 1921Communion Service card, n.d.Organ Tuning revised terms, May 1933Estimate for renovation of organ, 1923Mr. Astbury's removal to Mellor, 1941Correspondence regarding Old Members Fund and 1939 Bazaar, 1939-1941Correspondence regarding reconstruction, 1962BOX 8'In those days' (Chorlton Road - sixty years ago), 1964Mr. H. P Pentelow's certificate of 60 years' membership, 1964Cutting on Bazaar, c.1931Correspondence regaring sale of schoolroom, 1956Miscellaneous correspondence, 1921-1942BOX 9Congregational Magazine, 1 vol, 1867Congregational Magazine, 1 vol, 1909Congregational Magazine, 1 vol, 1910BOX 10Congregational Magazine, 1 bundle, 1956-1962BOX 11Congregational Magazine, 1 bundle, 1963-1973, 1976OUTSIZERoll of church members, 1 vol, c.1868Sunday School Boys Register, 1 vol, 1868-1902Sunday School Boys Register, 1 vol, 1902-1909Sunday School Boys Register (Elementary School), 1 vol, 1905-1909Sunday School Morning Register (Boys), 1 vol, 1890-1903Receipt book: contributions towards account for extensions, 1 vol, 1873-1876Architect's drawing, n.d.Melbourne Street Mission, 1891-1944Tatton Street Mission, 1903-1931Related Material:National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services holds records of the following records of this church: 1878-1958: minute book, collection books, accounts, register of members, sunday school records, young people's society account book
Chorlton Road Congregational Church, Old Trafford
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The church originated in Cannon Street in 1756, from where congregations departed to new premises in Moseley Street in 1788, and Grosvenor Street in 1806. The building in Cannon Street was sold in 1858 and the congregation moved to temporary accomodation until the Chorlton Road Church was opened in 1861. Between 1861 and 1900 the membership of the church increased from 60 to 1,000, resulting in development work of the premises and the founding of two further missions in Melbourne Street and Tatton Street. The church membership declined in numbers following the Second World War, although the church remained in its Chorlton Road premises. The large church building was deemed to be unnecessary in the 1950s, culminating in the sale of the Large School building and the founding in 1957 of the reconstruction fund to raise £10,000 for modifications. This work was carried out in the early 1960s and formed part of the centenary year celebrations of the church in 1961 In 1972 the Congregational church joined with the English Presbyterian church to become the United Reformed Church. The church remains at Chorlton Road URC, 3 Ayres Road, Old Trafford. The following were ministers in the church: Dr J.A. Macfayden, 1863-1889 Dr A. Goodrich, 1890-1912 Rev. F. Y. Leggatt, 1908-1920 Rev. K. L. Parry, 1921-1933 Rev. A. M. Astbury, 1935-1945 Rev. R. L. Jenkins, 1946-1952 Rev. Pearce Jones, 1954-c.1970 Rev. Anthony Gerald Burnham, inducted 1973 See records M185/2/6/3/1-5 for further information concerning the church history.
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