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Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission
Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission
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Records of the Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission Circuit and affiliated churches and mission hallsM196/1 Hulme, George Street Wesleyan Methodist ChurchM196/2 Hulme (Wesley) Methodist Church, Royce RoadM196/3 Ancoats, Wesley Hall Methodist Church, Great Ancoats StreetM196/4 Ancoats, Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Daniel StreetM196/5 Salford, Irwell Hall Methodist Church, Irwell StreetM196/6 Salford, Dock Mission Hall, New Park RoadM196/7 Manchester, Central Hall, Oldham StreetM196/8 Manchester, Albert Hall Methodist Church, Peter StreetM196/9 Salford, Regent Hall, Regent Road 1861-1976M196/10 Manchester and Salford Methodist MissionM196/11 Gorton Methodist Church (ex-UMFC), Hyde RoadM196/12 Chorlton-on-Medlock, Plymouth Grove Methodist Church (Renshaw House)M196/13 Manchester, Lever Street Sunday SchoolM196/14 Fallowfield, Platt Lane Methodist ChurchPlace:/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England/Salford/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Manchester and Salford Methodist Mission
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The Manchester and Salford Wesleyan Methodist Mission was founded in 1886 and was based at the new Central Hall in Manchester, which had been built on the site of Oldham Street Chapel. Under the dynamic leadership of Revd. Samuel Collier, the Mission became a highly successful centre for evangelical work. Central Hall could not accommodate all those wanting to attend the Sunday services, so the Mission started holding services in the Free Trade Hall - resulting in some of the largest Methodist congregations ever. These services continued until 1910, when they were moved to the newly built Albert Mission Hall in Peter Street. The Mission also tried to reach the non-church-going public by holding Saturday night concerts, open-air services and midnight missions. The Mission took over certain 'derelict' causes and transformed them into mission halls - so, for example, the Great Bridgewater Street society became Bridgewater Hall in Hulme, the Irwell Street society became Irwell Hall. The Mission circuit comprised the following churches and mission halls: Ancoats, Victoria Hall Ancoats, Wesley Hall Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Oxford Hall, Oxford Rd (joined 1926) Fallowfield, Platt Lane Methodist Church Hulme, George Street Wesleyan Methodist (closed 1934) Manchester, Albert Hall, Peter Street Manchester, Central Hall, Oldham Street Manchester, Ebenezer Mission, Red Bank (closed 1897) Manchester, Lever Street Sunday School Salford, Dock Mission Hall, New Park Road Salford, Irwell Hall, Irwell Street Salford, Regent Hall, Regent Road (joined 1962) In addition to the evangelical work done through Central Hall and other mission halls, the Manchester and Salford Mission did social work, giving practical expression to the principles of the Gospel under the motto 'Need, not creed'. The Mission ran a number of homes and hostels including: Men's Home and Labour Yard, Hood Street, Ancoats Women's Home and Refuge, Great Ancoats Street Maternity Home and Hospital, High Street, Chorlton-upon- Medlock (later Lorna Lodge, Didsbury) Hammond House Preventative Home for Girls in Reddish 'The Rossett' Old People's Home, Didsbury (opened c.1950) 'Homefield' Holiday Home, Prestatyn (opened 1948) The Mission also ran a people's café, a labour advice bureau, recreational and educational clubs and did prison, hospital and factory visitations. A special feature of Mission life from the early days was the Midday Service, held every Tuesday, led by the most notable preachers of the time and attended by a varied congregation of people. The establishment of the Welfare State after the Second World War, brought change to the Mission's social ministries - for example, the men's home was closed, as that type of hostel accommodation was no longer needed, and in general fewer people were coming to the Mission for material help, though they still came for guidance and counselling. The Mission took a new direction in its social work: for example it opened the Chatterton Hey Rehabilitation Centre, Edenfield, in the 1970s and ran a family support centre in Hulme in conjunction with National Children's Home. The composition of the Mission circuit also changed. From 1955 the circuit included the Wythenshawe churches of Baguley Hall, Higher Baguley, Brownley Green, Lawton Moor, Northenden and Woodhouse Park. They left in 1984 to join the re-formed Wythenshawe Circuit. Churches joined from other circuits, some closed, some amalgamated to form new churches: for example Trinity Church in Ancoats was an amalgamation of Wesley Hall, Victoria Hall and New Islington. The later circuit comprised the following churches: Ancoats, Trinity Church, Butler Street Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Renshaw House (formerly Plymouth Grove) Chorlton-upon-Medlock, St Peter's House (formerly Oxford Hall) Crumpsall Church, Lansdowne Road Fallowfield, Platt Lane Gorton Church, Hyde Road (South East Area Ministry) Hulme Wesley, Royce Road (formerly Bridgewater Hall) Manchester, Methodist Centre (Ce
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