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The Family Welfare Association of Manchester Ltd.
The Family Welfare Association of Manchester Ltd.
Manchester and Salford District Provident Society, 1833-1894, Lancashire District Provident and Charity Organisation Society of Manchester and Salford, 1894-1948, Lancashire District Provident and Family Welfare Society, 1948-1958, Lancashire Manchester City League of Help, 1907-1958, Lancashire1833-1991
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M294/1/1-7 GENERAL ADMINISTRATION1. Central or General Committee Minutes, 1860-1878, 1886-19022. Monthly Committee Minutes, 1880-19503. Finance Committee Minutes, 1900-19244. Loans Sub-Committee Minutes, 1928-19395. Investment Ledger, 1909-19486. Address Book, c 1900-19307. Annual Reports, 1833-1966M294/2-14 SOCIETIES AND SPECIAL COMMITTEESM294/2/1-3 SOCIETY FOR THE RELIEF OF REALLY DESERVING DISTRESSED FOREIGNERS1. Minutes, 1847-19272. Monthly Reports, 1871-19153. Annual Reports, 1879, 1883/4M294/3/1-2 WEST HILL CONVALESCENT HOME, SOUTHPORT1. Minutes, 1879-19592. Committee's Reports of Visits, 1879-1908M294/4 SPECIAL DISTRESS FUNDDonation, 1878-1879M294/5 PENDLETON PROVIDENT DISPENSARYMinutes, 1911-1914M294/6/1-3 MANCHESTER AND SALFORD CLIFTON HALL COLLIERY EXPLOSION RELIEF FUND1. Minutes, 1885-19192. Donations, 18853. Annual Reports, 1886M294/7/1-2 SURGICAL AID SOCIETY, MANCHESTER BRANCH1. Minutes, 1893-19242. Annual Reports, 1898-1948M294/8 PROPOSED MANCHESTER AND SALFORD CRIPPLES UNIONMinutes and Aims, 1902-1903M294/9 MUTUAL REGISTRATION COUNCILCautionary Lists, 1915-1965M294 10/1-4 MANCHESTER CITY LEAGUE OF HELP1. General Minutes, 1907-1932, 1948-19562. Sub-Committee Minutes, 1958-19653. Finance Committee Minutes, 1909-19124. Annual Reports, 1946-1947, 1949-1950, 1954-1958M294 11 KING EDWARD VII BRITISH GERMAN FOUNDATION, MANCHESTER BRANCHMinutes, 1912-1919M294/12 PRISONERS' WIVES AND SOCIETYMinutes, 1920-1931M294/13 GADDUM HOUSE SUB-COMMITTEEMinutes, 1943-1962M294/14 KING'S ROLL REMEMBRANCE SOCIETYMinutes, 1946-1962M294/15/1-2 MISCELLANEOUS1. Annual Reports of Manchester and Salford Council of Social Service, 1920 - 1928.2. A Short History of the Family Welfare Association, 1974.M294/16/1-31 BLAIR TRUST1-9 Papers re Proving Will of J.T. Blair, 1917-19191. Will of James Thomas Blair, 19172. Bequest to Rev. Alex. MacKinnon3. Bequest to Manchester City Art Gallery4. Bequest of Whalley House, Whalley Range5. Valuation of Whalley House, 1913-19176. Application for Grant of Probate, 1917-19187. Legacy Receipts for Individual Bequests, 19178. Payment of Estate Duty by Executors, 1918-19199. Executors' Accounts, 191810-13 Papers re Establishing a Scheme for James Thomas Blair's Charity, 1918-192110. Milne v King's Attorney, 1918-191911. Shorthand Notes in Milne v King's Attorney, 191912. Proposed Schemes, 1917-192013. Scheme Settled, 27 April 192114. Amendment of Scheme - Simpson v Attorney General, 1946-194715-17 Trustees15. Trustees' Minutes, 1921-195416. Agendas for Trustees' Meetings, 1955-195817. Appointment of Trustees, 1917-194618-21 Finance Papers18. Statements of Accounts, 1928-197719. Draft Returns of Accounts to Charity Commissioners, 1932-193520. Shares in Robert Barbour and Brother Ltd. 1908-191721. Stock and Share Certificates, 1924-194822-31 Correspondence of Milne, Bury and Lewis, solicitors for the J.T. Blair Charity Trust.22. Correspondence with Trustees, 1919-194423. Correspondence with Duchy of Lancaster Law Department, 1918-191924. Correspondence with Walmsley and Son of Blackburn, solicitors, 1918-191925. Correspondence with J.E. Denney, Bogle and Co. of London, accountants, 191926. Correspondence with David Smith, Garnett and Co. of Manchester, accountants, 1918-195527. Correspondence with the Charity Commissioners, 1917-195528. Correspondence with Robert Barbour and Brother Ltd. of Manchester 1932-194229. Correspondence with Becker and Carrington of Manchester, stock and share brokers, 1936-193831. Payment of Pensions by the Blair Trust, 1918-1943Place:Manchester, LancashireSalford, LancashireFor a history of the Association see The Family Welfare Association. A Short History, 1833-1974, by Joan Gaddum (M294/15/2).
The Family Welfare Association of Manchester Ltd.
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The Association was formed in 1958 from an amalgamation of the District Provident and Family Welfare Association (established in 1833 as the Manchester and Salford District Provident Society, renamed in 1894 the District Provident and Charity Organisation Society of Manchester and Salford, and in 1948, the District Provident and Family Welfare Society) and the Manchester City League of Help (established 1907 as a daughter body of the District Provident Society). Both societies were founded to help alleviate the sufferings of the poor and sick at all times, but were particularly active in times of special distress such as the Cotton Famine of the early 1860s, the trade depression of 1878, the mining disaster at Clifton Hall Colliery in 1885, the South African War of 1899, and the two World Wars of the 20th century.
Most of the following papers were deposited in the Library in March 1978 by Miss M.W. Harrison, General Secretary. The Blair Trust Papers were deposited in June 1992.
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