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Birch, St. James, Rusholme
Birch, St. James, Rusholme
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Records of Incumbent, including: baptism registers 1838-1979; marriage registers 1837-1979; burial registers 1839-1979; transcript of baptism registers 1752-1870; transcript of marriage registers 1837-1871; transcript of burial registers 1752-1871; and grave register c1858-1870; banns books 1889-1907, 1925-1970; register of services 1861-1885, 1923-1930, 1935-1972; papers relating to parish boundaries 1873-1929; index to graveyard plan 1937-1938; papers relating to glebe documents 1888-1922; photographs c1920-1950.Records of Churchwardens, including: copies of clergy licences 1898-1942; bequests 1939-1972; faculties 1876-1974; war memorial c1920. Day School Managers' minutes 1903-1950. Miscellaneous plans (nineteenth century) and correspondence (undated).Related Material:Confirmation registers, records of Parochial Church Council not deposited.The Archives Department also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Returns,22 June 1849, and related papers (MS f 942. 72 R121 vol. 41), deeds of land in Gorton and Withington for the orthodox minister at Birch, 1640 - 1742 (M35/6/2/1-27); references to the new church at Birch in letters of Thomas Carill Worsley of Platt, 1844 (M35/6/6/3,7,8,14-16), and Memories of Birch Its Owners and Its Ancient Chapel, by Herbert Birch, 1896 (L1/59/4/6).).The early history of Birch is recorded in Rev John Booker's History of the Ancient Chapel of Birch, Chetham Society vol. 47, 1859. Monumental Inscriptions, 1981-1982 (ref: M39/addnl/740/1)Place:/Rusholme/Manchester/Lancashire/EnglandManchester Metropolitan District/Greater Manchester/England
Birch, St. James, Rusholme
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Birch Chapel was built by the Birch family in the late 16th century. During the Commonwealth Period it was in the hands of the Presbyterians, and was not restored to the Church of England until the ejection of Henry Finch in 1697. Until 1838 it was a chapelry of the ancient parish of Manchester. It was assigned as its District Rusholme and part of Moss Side by Order of Council, 14 September 1838, (London Gazette , 29 March 1839). On 13 May 1845 the foundation stone of a new church was laid and work completed in 1846. The old chapel was demolished, and the new church consecrated on 1 July 1846. The boundaries of the District assigned to St James were more clearly defined by Order in Council, 8 June 1854, (London Gazette, 16 June 1854), when a District was also assigned to Holy Trinity, Rusholme. In 1861 part of the parish was assigned to St Peter's, Levenshulme, by Order in Council, 26 June, (London Gazette, 28 June 1861). Part was transferred to Holy Innocents, Fallowfield, in 1873 by Order in Council, 30 August, (London Gazette, 2 September 1873), and part to St John Chrysostom Victoria Park, in 1878 by Order in Council, 16 May (London Gazette, 21 May 1878). In 1886 part of the parish was assigned to St Agnes, Birch, by Order in Council, 16 August (London Gazette, 20 August 1886). By Order in Council 7 August 1900 (London Gazette, 14 August) part was assigned to St Chad's, Ladybarn. In 1911 St John Chrysostom received a further portion by Order in Council, 4 May (London Gazette , 9 May 1911) St Agnes, Birch, received a further portion in 1929 when part was also assigned to St Margaret's, Burnage, by Order in Council, 5 November (London Gazette, 8 November 1929). A Bishop's Order, 17 January 1975, (London Gazette, 31 January), allowed the benefices of St James, Birch and Holy Innocents, Fallowfield, to be held in plurality. In 1978 the two parishes were united as Birch with Fallowfield by Order in Council, 20 December (London Gazette, 22 December 1978), Holy Innocents becoming the parish church of the united benefice. The church of St James was made redundant by Order in Council, 17 December 1980 (London Gazette, 29 December), and it was appropriated for residential purposes by Order in Council, 16 December 1981 (London Gazette, 22 December). Graveyard closed 1953 and remains removed 1983
These records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in May 1987 by Rev. W. G. Wilson, with the exception of thirteen service registers (M315/1/13/1,2,4,6-15) deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in October 1978.
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