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Photographs Related To Mr Crowther And Family
Photographs Related To Mr Crowther And Family
Crowther, Mr, b 1907, of Chorlton, Manchester 1898-1922
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Photographs Related To Mr Crowther And Family
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Mr. Crowther was born in 1907 in Dodworth near Barnsley. From the age of 7 until he was 16 he lived in Australia (his father moved there after his father's local mine, where he did administrative and clerical work, had been worked out). Mr. Crowther senior left, on his own, for Australia in 1913, got a job in the furnaces of the Broken Hill steelworks near Newcastle, bought a house and sent back for his family just before the outbreak of World War I. He later bought a Newsagency in Adamstown, Australia, where Mr. Crowther delivered papers as a young boy. The family returned in 1924, to Salford; there they ran a milk delivery business (collecting the milk, produced 3 or 4 hours beforehand in Mobberley, from Old Trafford Station, then taking the churns by horse and cart on the round and ladeling the milk out into the customers' own jugs). The business closed with the widespread introduction of bottling and sterilization processes (the equipment needed proved too expensive for the Crowthers). The family then ran a bread and confectionary business and delivery round from a shop on Wilbraham Road, Chorlton. In 1945 Mr. Crowther went to work for the North Western Road Car Company, where he remained until retirement in 1972. Mr. Crowther's maternal grandfather (surname Barrett) owned `The Horse & Jockey', a Free-House in Barnsley. A certain amount of opposition by maternal grandparents - the Crowthers - to the marriage of their son to a publicans daughter. Mrs. Crowther was born in Birkenhead, the daughter of a boiler-maker at `Cammell-Lairds' Shipyards. He was laid off after the war because of the decline in shipbuilding and the family move to Manchester as the father had got work at Irlam Steelworks. Mr. Crowther has lived at 214, Oswald Road, since 1927.
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