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Photographs Related To Mrs Newton And Family
Photographs Related To Mrs Newton And Family
Newton, Mrs, b 1883, of Timperley, Cheshire 1898-1939
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Place:Moston, Lancashire
Photographs Related To Mrs Newton And Family
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Mrs. Newton's paternal great-parents came to England from Ireland during the potato famine, unable to speak any English. Their daughter, Mrs. Newton's grandmother, born in 1848 in Lancashire; she refused all her life to travel by any sort of vehicle (she would walk from Dukinfield to Moston every time she visited her daughter and she insisted that when she died her coffin should be carried manually from the house to the graveyard - her wish was obliged). Mrs. Newton was born in Moston, her father in Miles Platting, and her father-in-law in `the Wizard' - a farm-cum-pub - in Alderley Edge in 1883. Mrs. Newton's father worked in the Post Office Telegraphs all his life, eventually becoming Chief Superintendent. Mrs. Newton's father-in-law worked at Alfred Simpson's Iron and Steel Merchants at 49, Whitworth Street West, Manchester, starting on leaving school at 14, as office boy, and retiring as a director. (Father-in-law called Arthur Newton;father, Albert Lane). All Mrs. Newton's immediate family attended Manchester Central High School on Whitworth Street.
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