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Manchester, St. George, Oldham Road
Manchester, St. George, Oldham Road
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Records of the Incumbent : Baptism and Burial Registers 1798-1853; Baptism Registers 1853-1972; Marriage Registers 1841-1976; Baptism Register of German St. Licensed School Room 1854-180; Banns Book 1925-1973; Union of St. George's and St. Barnabas's 1958-1959; Parish Magazines 1883-1888; Correspondence about the Parish Hall 1961-1967Records of the Churchwardens : Church Fabric 1959; Organ 1955Records of the Parochial Church Council : Electoral Rolls 1949-1971Records of the Day School : Managers' Minutes 1949-1960; Statements of Accounts 1952-1960; Architect's Report 1959; Correspondence about Compulsory Purchase 1962-1969, 1976.Related Material:The Archives Department also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Returns, 20 Feb. 1846, which include notes on the church and school (MS f 942.72 R121 vol.37). Place:/Manchester/Manchester/Lancashire/England
Manchester, St. George, Oldham Road
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The foundation stone was laid on 21 April 1790 and the church opened under Lady Huntington's Connexion on 1 April 1798. It was consecrated on 17 January 1818. A new building was erected in 1877 on Oldham Road. A District was assigned by Order in Council, 14 September 1838(London Gazette, 29 March 1839), from the parish of Manchester. In 1844 by Order in Council, 7 October (London Gazette, 22 October) part of the District was lost to the new church of St. Barnabas, Miles Platting (M365/).The boundaries were altered in 1856 by Order in Council, 24 June (London Gazette, 1 July) and in 1860 by Order in Council, 1 August (London Gazette 3 August) the new church of St. Peter's, Oldham Road, took part of the parish (M299/4). On the closure of St. Barnabas the two parishes were united as St. George with St. Barnabas, with St. George's being the parish church, by Order in Council 19 December 1958 (London Gazette, 23 December) In 1972 by Order in Council, 23 October (London Gazette, 26 October), St. John's, Miles Platting (M194/) and St. Luke's, Miles Platting (M366/) joined St. George with St. Barnabas, the new parish becoming St. Cuthbert's, Miles Platting.
The following records were deposited in the Library as Diocesan Record Office in April 1980 and April 1982 by Canon S. P. Meadows of St. Cuthbert's.
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