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Manchester Certified Industrial Schools
Manchester Certified Industrial Schools
Manchester Certified Industrial Schools, 1874-1935, Lancashire Manchester Juvenile Refuge and School of Industry, 1846-1853, Lancashire Manchester Ragged and Industrial School, 1853-1859, Lancashire Manchester Ragged and Certified Industrial Schools, 1859-1874, Lancashire1847-1973
M3691/1-5 GENERAL RECORDS1-2 Minutes1. General and Executive2. New School Building Sub Committee3. Costs4. Annual Reports5. Home Office CircularsM369/2/1-4 MANCHESTER CERTIFIED INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, ARDWICK GREEN1. Ardwick House Committee Minutes2. Admission Registers3. Discharge Register4. Form B. Monthly ReturnsM369/3/1-13 BARNES HOME, HEATON MERSEY1. Barnes Home House Committee Minutes2. Certificates of Secretary of State, Home Department3. Wages Book4. Lists of Managers5. Visiting Managers' Book6. Headmasters' Reports7. Log Book8. Admission Registers9. Discharge Registers10-11 London Boys Licences12. Form B. Monthly Returns13. Punishment BookM369/4/1-37 NORTHENDEN ROAD GIRLS' SCHOOL, SALE1. Sale House Committee Minutes2. Ladies' Committee3-7 Finance3. Cash Books4. Bill Books5. Quarterly Accounts6. Receipts and Payments7. Wages Books8. Visitors' Books9. Committee Visitors' Books10. Superintendants' Monthly Report Books11. Superintendant's Out-Letter Books12. Diaries or Log Books13. Appointments Book14. Head's Notebooks15. Medical Officers' Report Books16. Girls' Medical Records17. Staff Sick Leave18. Admission Registers19. Particulars of Discharge20. Index to Admission and Discharge Numbers21. London County Council Disposal Book Reports22. Approved School Licensing Registers23. Licences24. Form B. Monthly Returns25. Quarterly Returns26. Attendance Register27. Punishment Book28. Absconders and Bound Breakers29. Conduct Money30. Bonus Marks and Payments31. Employment of Girls32. Clothing Issued to Girls33. Reports on School Work34. Addresses of Next of Kin35. Menu Books36. Photographs37. MiscellaneousM369/5/1-2 MANCHESTER INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, BOYS' HOME, 59 ARDWICK GREEN1. Minutes of Committee of Management2. Annual ReportsAdmission registers for the schools are available on Findmypast.Related Material:Annual reports of the Manchester Certifield Industrial Schools are also held in the Local Studies Library 1847-1913 (371.967 MAI).Place:Manchester, Lancashire
Manchester Certified Industrial Schools
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Manchester Juvenile Refuge and School of Industry was established in 1846 at Nelson St., Angel Meadow, Manchester. In 1851 it moved to St. John's Parade, Byrom St., Manchester, and on 17 September 1858 to a school for boys and girls at Ardwick Green. In 1853 its name changed to Manchester Ragged and Industrial Schools, in 1859 to the Manchester Ragged and Certified Industrial School, and in 1874 to the Manchester Certified Industrial Schools. On 2 Aug 1871 the Barnes Home Branch for boys was opened at Heaton Mersey, being named after Robert Barnes, cotton spinner (Mayor of Manchester, 1851-1853) who provided £12,000 towards its erection. A new school for girls was opened at Sale on 4 July 1877 and from thence till its closure in 1922, Ardwick Green was for boys only. A new boys' home was opened at 59 Ardwick Green in 1900. This was closed in 1922. Following the 1933 Children and Young Persons Act, (Section 29 (1)) the schools became approved schools under the Home Office and from 1935 were known as the Manchester Home Office Schools. The Barnes Home closed in December 1955 leaving the Northenden Rd School for Girls. Sale, (so named from 1924). In April 1973 under Statutory Instrument 1973 No.584, Children and Young Persons Cessation of Approved Institutions (Northenden Rd. Girls' School) Order, it became a controlled community home under the City of Manchester Social Services Department. On 16 October 1979 the Social Services Committee decided to close the school. It officially closed on 31 May 1980, and the following records were transferred to the Archives Department in June 1980. The school building was owned by the Trustees of the Ryecroft Children's Fund.
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