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Wedding Photograph Of Moise Tawil And Violet Tabush
Wedding Photograph Of Moise Tawil And Violet Tabush
Davies, Gai, of Prestwich, Manchester 1910
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Wedding Photograph Of Moise Tawil And Violet Tabush
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Moise Tawil born 1889 in Syria, and came to England in 1910 to continue his father's business in textile shipping. Violet Tabush born in 1893 in Cheetham Hill. Both families originated from the same area in Syria. It was decided that Moise should marry so he was introduced to Violet, then 16. He complained that she was too small (for bearing children) but was told that she would grow; She never did, but they had 13 children, one of whom died soon after birth - the others, six girls and six boys, are still alive. Violet and Moise were quite prosperous, and lived in West Didsbury, where they had miads nannies, etc. Violet ruled the kitchen, however, and was famous for her cooking. Moise was a founder member of the Sephardic Synagogue, the Sh'ar Sedek, in 1925, and a lay reader all his life. He became a naturalized Briton in 1946. Helen Tabush, Vilet's sister, was born in Syria and can remember the journey to England. She lives with her sister Rosie on Palatine Road, and can be contacted for further information.
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