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Photographs Related To A Spinning Company
Photographs Related To A Spinning Company
Preston, Mr, of Horwich, Bolton
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Photographs taken by the donor in 1950 at Tootal Broadhurst & Lee, St. Helens Road, Daubhill, the Spinning Company where he worked.
Photographs Related To A Spinning Company
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The donor started as a little piecer at Tootal Broadhurst and Lee in 1930, and eventually became a spinner. At that time a little piecer earned between 5/- and 14/6 and a side piecer got 30/- per week. Employees received a bonus once a year and could get 2/- parcels of seconds (ties, handkerchiefs etc.) The family lived on St.Helens Road, donor's father was a jeweller from Cumbria, and the donor's mother, who was local, and hi sisters (2) all worked as weavers. His brother became a jeweller. His mother's maiden nan was Sharples, and her father worked in the pits.
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Bolton Central Library (copies) 565/1 - 7
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