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Photographs Related To Miss Clarke And Family
Photographs Related To Miss Clarke And Family
Clarke, Miss, b 1913, of Urmston, Manchester 1883-1930s
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Photographs Related To Miss Clarke And Family
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Miss Clarke was born in 1913 at Heatley Heath, Cheshire. Her mother's family were from Hale Barns, father's from Dumfries. Father's family run the `Greyhoun pub., for 100 years. Father a master baker with his own shop in Heatley Heath, mother worked in shop. Business went bankrupt after World War 1. and father went to Partingto to work in uncle's corn mill. Mother's parents had farm in Hale Barns, moved to farm from Carrington when Mrs. Clarke's mother was two years old, then to corn business in Partington, then to corn mill in Stretford Road, Urmston. Miss Clarke's grandmother worked on the farm, but was too old for the corn business. Miss Clarke had 1 brother and 1 sister - brother went into grocery business, then insurance. Sister went into confectioners. Miss Clarke worked at Woolworth's Manchester, and then Kendal Milne's, Manchester, for 33 years.
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