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Photographs Related To The Gane And Roberts Families
Photographs Related To The Gane And Roberts Families
Roberts, Gill, of Somerset 1897-1926
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Photographs Related To The Gane And Roberts Families
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Jessie Gane was a stonemason who lived in Evercreech and his wife Mary (nee Cornell) was in service as a maid and later a cook before her marriage. They had four children, Frank (born 1895), Bert (born 1897), Charlie, and Elsie (born 1904). Charlie was killed in the First World War, Elsie went to work in the millinery department of Henly's store Shepton Mallet, although she wanted to become a lady's sewing maid; her father forbade it. Her parents felt she married beneath her to Alf Roberts and were against the match. Alf's father Isaac was an itinerant gardener whose family originated in Wales. Isaac was rumoured to have a somewhat dubious brother in Chester! Isaac was born in 1871. He had 5 children; George (born 1898), Albert (born 1901), Florence (born 1903), Alfred (born 1905) and Charles (born 1909). Alf first worked as a hand at the Co-op in Shepton Mallet, and courted Elsie Gane secretly. They got engaged when he went to Australia in 1925 for three years, to make some money, and Elsie's parents hoped that this would break them up. Elsie would not go to Australia so Alf came back to England and married her; they had two sons, David (born 1929 donor's father) and Michael (born 1935). On returning from Australia, Alf became an insurance agent, but was not a success. With £20 he then bought a lorry and a load of coal; this, too, was a disaster, but then he obtained contract wok from the council and things improved so that by 1938 he was employing another man. He died in March 1939 of a cerebral haemorrage.
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