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Photographs Related To Jane Roberts And Family
Photographs Related To Jane Roberts And Family
Roberts, Jane, of Westhoughton, Lancashire 1918-1955
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Photographs Related To Jane Roberts And Family
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Jane Ellen Roberts (nee Fairhurst) was the daughter of James and Sarah Fairhurst. James was a miner & the family originally lived in Pemberton, Wigan. For the sake of Sarah's health they moved to Westhoughton. Jane Ellen went as a half timer in a mill and then moved on to become pit brow lass. She married a miner, Joe Roberts. She had 3 sisters - Alice, Mary & Sarah. Mary married a man who worked on the railway - Mr. Lowe. Jane Ellen and Mary were the daughters of James and Sarah Fairhurst (nee Shepherd). James was a miner in Pemberton. He didn't smoke nor drink but kept canaries & pigeons, 4 daughters in the family Alice, Jane Ellen, Mary and Sarah. The family moved to Westhoughton because of the mothers health. She needed peace and quiet. James worked in a mine in Westhoughton. Jane Ellen left school as a half timer and worked in a mill. After two years she left and became a pit brow lass at her fathers mine. She describes the work and the tricks the men played - e.g. sending up mice in handkerchiefs among the lumps of coal etc. Jane Ellen married a miner, Joe Roberts who lived in her street. Mary left school as a half timer and worked in a bakers shop. She spent her time peeling potatoes for pies and stoning dates for cakes. She left the shop and went to work in a bleaching and dying works - she spent leisure time at the pictures, dancing and `parading' down Market Street, Westhoughton. She made an unhappy marriage with a railway worker who drank heavily.
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