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Family Photographs Related To Mrs Keegan
Family Photographs Related To Mrs Keegan
Keegan, Leah, fl 1979, of Rochdale 1880-1957
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Family Photographs Related To Mrs Keegan
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Mrs. Leah Keegan (nee Booth) is doing a lot of research into her family as she relates back to an old Sudden family: Hassall. She is mainly concerned with her great aunts and uncles who were mostly involved the velvet cuttin business. The name can be traced back directly until c1800 when their name changes to Arrowsmith - the reason why they altered it to Hassall is unknown. Leah and her husband run the Gale Inn. Early 1800's the Arrowsmith family changed their name to Hassall. Donor's great grandfather, George Hassall M. Leah Higgihs. They lived in Congleton and had eleven children. Occupation of most of them was velvet cutter. TOM - about 7 children. Two called Emma and Beatrice. ARTHUR - children: William Arthur, Anne, Lily and Harry. WILLIAM (donors grandfather) - children: Mary Jane, Leah (donor's mother), Sarah Helen, Sam. HANNAH MARIA GEORGE HENRY - children: Molly, Ada, Sam, Leah, George Henry, Lizzie, Fred, Lily, Arthur. ELIZA ANN - children: Leah. LEAH who married Mr. JACKSON - children: Hilda, Norman. SAM - children: May, Ben, Wilfred. MARY JANE married Mr. ALF STOTT - children: Alfred, Edwin, Leah. EMMA married Jim Hodgkinson - children: John, George Henry, Doris, Mary, James, Alfred, Alice. ETHEL married Mr. HALL - children: Evelyn, Russell (who was a conservative councillor in Crewe. DONOR'S IMMEDIATE FAMILY BEING: GRANDFATHER: William Hassall MOTHER: Leah Hassall who married James Booth. They had seven children, all born in Rochdale: LILY ANNE who married George Staveley. MARY who married Raymond Meeks WILLIAM married Helen Taylor ERIC who married Helene Kershaw. ALFRED LEAH (donor) who married John Keegan. They have 3 children: JACQUELINE who married Vincent Pattison JOHN GREGORY JANICE who married Keith Wright.
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