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Ordnance Survey Map of the Castlefield (Sheet 32)

Scale: 5 foot to the mile (1:1056)
Use laminated copy (2 available)
Digital version also available on CD-ROM and
-Alpha Buildings
-Ancient British Mancenion & Roman Mancvnivn (Site of)
-Ann Street
-Arthur Court No. 1
-Arthur Court No. 2
-Arthur Street
-Ashton Street (Lower Byrom Street)
-Axon Street
-Back Crookell Street
-Back Fleet Street
-Back Sage Street
-Back Union Street
-Ball Street
-Bank Street
-Barclay Place
-Bowling Green
-Bowling Green Inn
-Bradshaw Street
-Bridge Inn
-Bridgewater Arms Public House
-Bridgewater Street
-Bridgewater Viaduct
-Bridgewaters Trustee's Office
-Burton Place
-Calder Street
-Camp Field (The)
-Camp Street
-Canal Street (Castlefield)
-Canal Street Works (Iron & Brass)
-Canavin Street
-Castle Quay
-Castle Quay Slate Wharf
-Castle Street
-Castlefield Coal Wharf
-Castlefield Lock No. 92
-Castlefield Potato Wharfs
-Castlefield Wharfs
-Castlefield Wharfs
-Chadwick Street
-Charles Street
-Chester Rd.
-Collier Street
-Cooper's Place
-Croft Street
-Crookell Street
-Cross Street
-Crown Court
-Crown Street
-Crowther Street
-David Street
-Dawson Street
-Dean Street
-Duke of Bridgewater's Arms Public House
-Duke of Bridgewater's Canal
-Duke Street
-Dumbar Street
-Dumville Street
-Ediburgh Place
-Egerton Street
-Egerton Street Bridge
-Egerton Street TP
-Elizabeth Street
-Elm Street
-Elm Street Mill (paper)
-Entwistle Street
-Essex Street
-Farnley's Buildings
-Fleet Street
-Foster Street
-Foxley's Yard
-Fustian Dye Works
-Garden Street
-Giants Basin (The)
-Globe Inn
-Great Jackson Street
-Green Street
-Griffith's Buildings No. 1
-Griffith's Buildings No. 2
-Griffith's Buildings No. 3
-Griffith's Buildings No. 4
-Griffith's Buildings No. 5
-Grocer's Company's Warehouse
-Hargreaves Court
-Hawsons Street
-Heap's Buildings
-Higginson's Buildings No. 1
-Higginson's Buildings No. 2
-Hill's Court
-Hill's Yard
-Hulme & Eccles Trust
-Hulme & Eccles Trust
-Hulme Junction Canal Office
-Hulme Junction Locks
-Hulme Junction Locks. Lock 1, 2, 3 & Lockhouse
-Hulme Street
-Hulme Well (Site of)
-Irwell View
-Kay Street
-Kelly's Buildings
-Kendrews Court
-Kenworthy's Dock Yard
-Kenworthy's Warehouse
-Knott Mill
-Knott Mill Packet Stn.
-Little Street
-Liverpool Rd.
-Liverpool Road Stn. (goods only)
-London & N. W. Railway (N. Division) Manchester & Liverpool Section
-Lower Byrom Street
-Lyth Street
-Makin Street
-Makin's Buildings
-Manchester & Junction Canal Tunnel
-Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway
-Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway
-Manor Street
-Medlock Bridge
-Medlock Street
-Merchants Co.'s Warehouse
-Middle Basin (The)
-Middle Warehouse (The)
-Navigation Tavern
-New Basin (The)
-New Quay
-New Quay Co., Bonding Warehouse
-New Street
-New Warehouse (The)
-No. 1 Court
-No. 1 Passage
-No. 1 Passage
-No. 2 Passage
-Old Brick Arch
-Ordsall Lane
-Ordsall Lane Brewery
-Ordsall Lane Rope Wall
-Ordsall Street
-Outdoors Paupers
-Ox Noble Inn
-Prescott Street
-Pryme Street
-Pryme Street Mill (Cotton)
-Pump Street
-Queens Arms Inn
-Railway Inn
-Redfern's Buildings
-Regent Bridge
-Regent Bridge Mill (Cotton)
-Regent Cottages
-Regent Road Brewery
-Regent Street
-Regent Street
-Remains of Roman wall
-Remains of Roman walls
-River Irwell
-River Medlock
-Robert Street
-Roebuck Inn
-Roebucks Buildings
-Royles Court
-Sage Street
-Sail Cloth Manufactory
-Seddon Street
-Silver Street
-Small Ware Manufactory (Silk & Cotton)
-Small Ware Manufactory (Silk & Cotton)
-Southam Street
-St. Bartholemews Church School, Day & Sun.
-St. George's Church (Pt. Curacy)
-St. George's Terrace
-St. Mathew's Church School (Day, Upper Storey)
-St. Matthew's Church School (National, Day & Sunday)
-Staffordshire Warehouse
-Sunny Side Mill (Silk & Cotton)
-Sussex Street
-Taff? Buildings
-Tickle Street
-Toll Gate
-Tonman Street
-Topping Court
-Trafalgar Place
-Trafalgar Square
-Union Place
-Union Street
-Van? Tavern
-Victoria Quay
-Wargraves Court
-Water Street Dye Works
-Waterloo Brewery
-Well Meadows Buildings
-Well Meadows Cottages
-Wellington Place
-Wellington Place
-Welsh Independent Chapel & School
-Wharton Street
-Wharton's Place
-White Lion Street
-Wilburn Street
-Wilkinson's Buildings
-Wilkinson's Buildings No. 1
-William's Court
-Woods Place
-Woolam Place
-Worsley Street
-York Street
Ordnance Survey Map of the Castlefield (Sheet 32)
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