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Abstract of title of Richard William Penn Curzon, Earl'Howe, to the advowson of Altham and comments of Thomas Shepherd of Lincoln's Inn, 26 July 1825.
Recites the following:-
Grant, 19 Nov. 1726.
1. Rev. James Matthews, vicar of Whalley.
2. Nath. Curzon, esq.
3a) William [Wake], Archbishop of Canterbury, patron of the
parish church of Whalley b) Samuel [Peploe], Bishop of Chester.
k. Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty.
Advowsons of Clitheroe, Altham, Churchkirk, Downham and Newchurch
in Pendle to 2.
Consideration: £1,000.
Agreement before marriage, 10 Jan. 1736*
la) Sir Nath. Curzon b) Dame Mary, his wife c) Assheton
Curzon, their second son.
2a) Sir Ralph Assheton b) Charles Jennene, esq.
3a) Elizabeth Hanmer, widow of William Hanmer of Iscoyd, esq.
b) Esther, their daughter.
Marriage between lc) and 3b).
Manor of Whalley and property in Blackburn, Billington, Harwood,
Wiswell, Oswaldtwistle, Oldham, Sharpies, Tockholes, Manchester
and Salford.
To 2 to the use of la) for life, annuity of £1,000 to lb) for
life, remainder to lc) for life, annuity of £1,200 to 3b) for
life, remainder to sons in turn in tail male ..... with provision
for younger children.
Settlement after marriage, 16 and 17 Mar. 1756.
la) Sir N. Curzon b) Dame Mary.
2a) A. Curzon b) Esther, his wife.
3a) Sir R. Assheton b) C. Jennens.
ka) Thomas Lister of Gisborne Park, Yorks., esq. b) William Jennens
of Acton, Suffolk, esq.
5a) Godfrey Meynell of Meynell Langley, Derbys., esq. b) John
Hetherington of Middle Temple, gent.
6a) John Flether of Lichfield b) William Challner of Iscoyd, gent.
7. Elizabeth Hanmer.
Manor of Whalley and advowsons of Clitheroe, Downham, Newchurch, Churchkirk and Altham, and all Lancashire property of la) and 2.
Assignment, 25 May 1778.
la) John Flether b) William Challner.
2. A. Curzon.
3a) Sir George Bromley of East Stoke, Notts, (formerly Sir George
Smith Smith).
Sir George Bromley of East Stoke, Notts, (formerly Sir George Smith Smith) b) Dame Esther, his v/ife, a daughter of 2. 4a) Philip, Earl of Chesterfield b) Allen Swainston of York, doctor of physic.
£10,000 belonging to 3b) due from his father1s estates to 4 in return for £10,000.
Assignment and mortgage, 25 Nov. 1783*
la) Philip, Earl of Chesterfield b) Allen Swainston. 2o A. Curzon. 3a) Sir G. Bromley b) Dame Esther.
4. Eev. Richard Assheton of Middleton. £10,000 due from estates of2 assigned to 4. Property in
Middx. conveyed as security for the £10,000, and redeemable when £10,000 received.
Declaration of trust, 25 Nov. 1783* Rev. Richard Assheton declares he was acting for Assheton Curzon in above.
Deed to lead the uses of a common recovery 14 and 15 June 1787*
Assheton Curzon of Hagley Hall, Staffs.
Penn Assheton Curzon of Gopsall, Leics., esq., son and heir apparent of 1. 3* William Shawe of Preston, gent.
4. Charles Potts of Chester, gent. 5* James Hodgson of London, gent.
6. Timothy Jennings of Berkeley Squ., Middx., gent.
All property of1 and2 to3 to be tenant to the praecipe of a common recovery to the use of whomsoever 1 and2 might appoint.
Settlement before marriage, 27 and 28 July 1787*
1. Assheton Curzon.
2. Penn Assheton Curzon. 3a) Richard, Lord Viscount Howe b) Sophia Charlotte, his daughter.
4. Rev. Roger Mather, rector of Whitechapel, Middx. 5a) Sir William Howe b) Rev. John Harley, Dean of Windsor. 6a) Henry John Villiers of Watford, Herts, b) Henry John Leveson
Gower, a Lord of the Admiralty. 7a) Henry Strachey of Berkeley Squ., Middx., esq. b) John Holliday of Lincoln's Inn c) James Hodgson of London, gent.
d) Thomas Dunn of Lincoln's Inn, gent.
8a) William Augustus Pitt of Highfield, Hants., esq. b) William Jennens
of Acton Place, Suffolk.
9a) Thomas Grosvenor of Walthamstow, Essex, b) Thomas Harley,
alderman of London.
Marriage between 2 and 3b).
Property in Lanes., Chesh., Flints., Bucks., Notts., Yorks. and
Leics., including advowsons as in grant of 19 Nov. 1726 to the
use of2 for life, with annuity of £950 to 3b) for life, remainder
to sons in turn in tail male, final remainder to
survivor of 1 and 2 and their heirs.
Recovery, Aug. 1787.
Will of Assheton Curzon, 24 June 1809.
Deed to lead the uses of a common recovery, 27 and 28 Apr. l8l8.
1. Richard William Penn Curzon of Gopsall, Leics.
2a) Sir J. Wather Waller of Twickenham, b) Sophia Charlotte,
Baroness Howe, his wife.
3. Thomas Metcalfe of Lincoln's Inn, gent.
4. Thomas Robert Wilson France of Preston, gent.
5. Charles Hollier ofLincoln1s Inn, gent.
Manor of Whalley, property in Clitheroe, Chatburn, Worston,
Bradford, Yorks., and in Notts., Warwicks., Worcs. and Leics.
to 4 as tenant to the praecipe ofa common recovery to the
use of 1.
Recovery, Aug. l8l8.
Acquittance, 29 July 1820.
1. Robert Curzon of Cavendish Squ., Middx., esq.
2. Richard William Penn Curzon.
Acquittance for £20,000 paid to 1, due to him under the will
of Assheton Curzon.
Acquittance, 9 Nov. 1820.
la) William Charles, Earl of Albemarle b) Thomas Clement of Alton,
Southampton, esq.
2. Richard William Penn, Viscount Curzon.
Acquittance for £10,000 paid to 1, trustees of Henry S. Bilson,
Lord Sttiwell, husband of Mary Curzon, to whom the money was
due under the marriage settlement of her parents, 17 Mar. 1756.
Assignment, 18 May 1821.
la) Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller, formerly Jonathan Wathen Phipps. b) Sophia Charlotte, Baroness Howe, his wife, 2a) Thomas Lane b) John Lane.
3. John Villiers.
4. Richard William Penn, Viscount Curzon.
Annuities of £950 and £1,000 belonging to lb) assigned to4 and terms of years vested in 3 for the payment of the annuities assigned to4 to merge into the estate.
Note says that Richard William Penn, Viscount Curzon, became Earl Howe,
Abstract of title
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