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Deeds: Cheshire: Latchford

06 Apr 1619
Grant in trust.
1. Sir Peter Legh of Lyme, Chesh.
2a) Sir Thomas Gerrard of Bryn b) Richard Bold of Bold, esq. c) Thomas Marburie of Marburie d) Peter Danyell of Tabley, Chesh., esqs. e) John Bretherton of Hey, gent, f) James Sarocold, sen. of Brockhurst g) James Sarocold, jun., his son and heir apparent h) William Blackburn of Newton i) Richard Blackburn of Newton, yeoman
Rent of £10 per yr. from messuage and land in Latchford, Chesh. to employ a schoolmaster and maintain a grammar school at Winwick. Seal missing. Tag.
Deeds: Cheshire: Latchford
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06 Apr 1619
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