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Bond to perform covenants

16 Jul 1773
(1) Sir Charles William Molyneux, Lord Viscount Molyneux of Maryborough and Earl of Sefton
(2) Bridget Claton of the parish of St George the Martyr, Middlesex, widow
Surety of £19.400 to pay £9,700 at 5% interest according to deed of same date between:
(1) Dorothy Monck of Cecil Street, St Martin's in the Field, Middlsex, widow and executrix of William Monck, esquire, who executor of Sir John Stanley, executor of Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury
(2) Thomas Haworth of Blackburn, surgeon, executor of Abigail Clayton, widow and executrix of Thomas Clayton of Little Harwood, esquire, executor of Alexander Osbaldiston, esquire
(3) Anna Maria Bold of Chester, widow and executrix of Peter Bold of Bold
(4a) Thomas Chadwicke of Burgh, esquire (4b) John Prujean of Grays' Inn, esquire
(5) Charles, Lord Cadogan
(6) Lady Catherine Courtnay of St George's, Hanover Square
(7a) Juliana Clifton of Puddenton, Cheshire (7b) Isabella Clifton of Ghent, Flanders (7c) Eleanora Clifton of Lytham, daughters of Thomas Clifton and Mary (nee Molyneux)
(8) Charles william, Earl of Sefton
(9) Bridget Clayton, widow
Bond to perform covenants
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16 Jul 1773
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