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Elizabeth Peel of Burnley

01 Nov 1802
Copy of trust deed, certified as a true copy, 26 Apr. 1815.
(la) Thomas Peel of Sawley, Yorkshire, esquire (1b) Robert Peel of Church, esquire
(2a) Rev. John Hargreaves of Bank Top, Lanes, (2b) Webster Fishwick, gentleman (2c) Joseph Massey, woollen manufacturer, both of Burnley, trustees for the township of Burnley (2d) Sagar Veevers of Coal Clough, Lanes, gentleman (2e) William Cooper of Habergham Eaves, cotton manufacturer (2f) James Parkinson of Hollingreave, Habergham Eaves, surgeon, trustees for Hahergham Eaves (2g) Rev. John Raws of Burnley, trustee for both Burnley and Habergham Eaves.
Elizabeth Peel of Burnley, sister of (1), by her will of 15 Nov 1800, left property to her brothers, to settle it on the minister of Burnley and churchwardens of Burnley and Habergham Eaves in trust to provide bread and clothes for the poor of the two townships from Oct - Mar each year.
(1) agree to transfer to (2) within one month £1,244-15-0 3% consuls being the total bequest of Elizabeth Peel in trust to carry out the provisions of the will .
Legal opinion of Edward Busk of Middle Temple, 21 Aug. 1809.
Elizabeth Peel of Burnley
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01 Nov 1802
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