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Parcel 5 Part 3'

(22) Darcy Lever Colliery continued from Sundry Survey Book, 1853-1876 - Book of plans, calculations, and amount of coal worked etc.
(23) Darcy Lever Colliery 1876-1889 - Book of plans, calculations, and amount of coal worked etc.
Survey of Friars Level of Park Head Level at Whitecroft 14th June 1913.
Book - Drilling Machinery; Drill at Works in the Tropics, by Andrew Kyle, Mineral Borer, Galston, Scotland.
Home Office - Mines. List of Abandoned Moines Deposited in the Home Office Under the Coal and Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts including Plans Transferred from the Late 'Mining Record Office'. Corrected to the 31st December 1911. Prepared by Direction of the Secretary of State for the Home Department.
Miscellaneous papers including correspondence, plans, leases and court information.
Agreement dated the 1st July 1902 for the working of coal in the Township of Westhoughton.
Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Measures, 27th February 1858.
Plans of Wigan Coal and Iron Company Ltd., Fletchers Estate, Yard Mine No. 2 Mewlett Pit - Scale 30 yards to an inch
Parcel 5 Part 3'
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