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Parcel 5 Part 3 '

1. Correspondence concerning the surveying of the Mountain Mine on the Park Hill Estate [belonging to Rt. Hon John Baron ?]. Estimate of tonnage in upper and lower Mountain Mine and the value of coal. 1929. 10 docs.
2. Plan of Hoddlesden Colliery showing areas of fire clay worked during the half year ended 29 Sept 1962. One plan.
3. Hoddlesden Colliery No. 12 Lower Mountain Mine. Areas of fire clay worked in R. Bolton Esq. Estate for 6 months, 25 March 1950. One plan 29th March 1950.
4. Coal Mines Act 1911, Mining Industry Act 1920. Annual report on; output, mechanical coal cleaning, persons employed, shifts worked and lost, coal cutting machines and explosives used. Copies of annual returns for Ladyshare Colliery, Little lever, Bolton, 1937 - 1941. 6 docs.
5. Plan of Rushy Park Mine, Holland Colliery, Rothwells Estate. One plan no. 6.
6. Plan of Mountain Mine, Park Hall Estate. Too fragile to open.
7. Correspondence concerning the coal workings at the farm at Charnock Richard owned by Mr. Tatton and occupied by Mr. Newall.
8. Correspondence concerning the pumping of water from the Trencher bone, Five Quarters, Black and White and Lestet Mines, all Peel Hall Colliery (Lord Kenyon's Estate). 5 docs. 1930.
9. Correspondence concerning the removal of coal from land from Kenyon's Estate. Mainly concerned with rents and annual leases also with possible damage to Peel Hall caused by undermining. 24 docs. 1926-1930.
10. Correspondence concerning the surveying of mines on Lord Kenyon's Estate and the closure of Denner and ¾ mines which were worked out. 12 docs 1931.
11. Correspondence concerning the purchase of minerals on Lord Kenyon's Estate, following his death, by the Bridgewater Estates. (near neighbours). 2 docs 1927. Also, miscellaneous correspondence. 2 docs 1924-1930.
12. Plans of mines on Lord Kenyon's Estate - Arley Mine, Ploddet Mine, Yard Mines (fragile). 3 plans, no. 6.
13. Correspondence concerning Lord Kenyon's Lancashire Estate; Messrs Roscoe Colliery lease. (Lord Kenyon died 1927. Bridgewater Collieries attempted to take over the land. New Lester Pits mined the Denner and ¾ mines until 1931 when it became uneconomical.)
14. Statements of the quantity of coal worked by the Manchester Collieries Ltd. And Messrs Fletcher and Co. Ltd. And others. Land belonging to Lord Lilford (John, Baron Lilford, Lilford Hall, Peterborough).
Name of Company and date.
a. Messrs Fletcher Burrows and Co. Ltd. - 1914-1930 (yearly returns made on the 24th June).
b. Manchester Collieries Ltd. - 1929-1941.
c. Messrs Ackers Whirley and Abram Co. Ltd. (under lease dated 1911 Feb 1908). I Jan 1933 - 1 July 1933. Mining; Pemberton (five feet), Bickershaw (seven feet), Wigan (four feet). 1 July 1933 - 1 Jan 1934.
d. Bickershaw Collieries Ltd. Under Aspull Common, Pennington, belonging to Lord Lilford (under lease dated 11 February 1908). - 1 Jan 1934 - 1 Jan 1941. Also at West Leigh Heath Memorial Coal 1 Nov 1934 - 1 May 1935, 1 Jan 1939 - I July 1939. Trustees of the late John Speakman - year ending 29 Sept 1927. West Leigh Heath Memorial Coal worked by West Leigh Colliery Co. Ltd. 1 May 1934 - 1 Nov 1934. (By the Coal Act of 1938, the leases were all vested in the coal commission in fee simple.)
15. Correspondence concerning the Springfield Lane Chief Rents. To be sold by Col. G. Tipping. Plans of property enclosed. 41 docs 1911.
16. Papers relating to the registration of coal on Lord Lilford's Estate. ?
17. Copy Exceptions and reservations relating to mines and minerals extracted from a dedication agreement dated 9 Dec 1930 and made between major Richard R. Rothwell of the one part and Lancashire Co. Council of the other part, relating to the forming and construction of a new by-pass road on the Chorley to Westhoughton County Road. Enclosed with a letter. 2 docs 1937.
Parcel 5 Part 3 '
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