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Parcel 6/10-11'

10/1-2. (Throughout two folders) Papers 1917-1944. Correspondence, notes, 2 plans, leases, amounts of coal worked and valuations. Lists of mines in lease at Sutton Manor Colliery, Yew Tree and Closes Farm Estates. Legal obligations imposed by leases. [Property of R. Bolton. Yew Tree Farm was situated at Pennington close to Lord Lilford's, while Closes Farm was situated in Leigh. Messrs. Joseph Place and Sons Ltd at Hoddlesden, Collins Queen Colliery. By 1939 Bickshaw Colliery were mining both Sutton Manor Colliery and Lord Lilford's land. R. Bolton died in 1939 and it was the executors who negotiated this. In 1944 Yew Tree and Closes farm were sold to Mr. Lygoe, the tenant of Yew Tree Farm.] Statements of quantities of coal worked in the 1930s.
a. Dated 31 December 1919. Robert Bolton Esq., to Ackers Whitley and Company Limited. Counterpart Lease of seams of coal under 'Yew Tree Farm' situate in Pennington in the County of Lancaster. Term commences 1 May 1915 for 26 years. Term expires 1 May 1941.
b. Dated 30 May 1922. Robert Bolton Esquire to Akers Whitley and Company Limited. Copy counterpart lease of seams of coal under 'Closes Farm' situated in Pennington in the County of Lancaster. Term commences 1 May 1915 for 26 years. Term expires 1 May1941. 3 documents and two plans.
11. Papers relating to R. Rothwell's Sharples Estate. Mainly accounts and correspondence to do with rents. Complete schedule of R. R's Estates in 1920. Details all the ground rents. C. 20 docs and 1 plan 1919-1920. [Major Rothwell conveyed the estate to Captain Rothwell. Father and Son.]
Parcel 6/10-11'
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