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Papers relating to the Manchester Corporation Waterworks Act 1879
Papers relating to the Manchester Corporation Waterworks Act 1879
A Thirlmere Defence Association publication, 'The Case Re-Stated'1 itemn.d.A transcript of the House of Commons Shorthand Writer's notes on the debate on the Second Reading of the Bill1 item1878A Statement in Opposition to a Second Reading1 item1878A report by the Manchester Waterworks Committee1 item1877A lecture delivered by James Mansergh on the Thirlmere Water Scheme of the Manchester Corporation1 item1878Statement on behalf of the opponents to the Manchester Corporation Water Bill1 item1878A publication appealing to the public outlining the grounds for opposition1 itemn.d.Remarks on the Evidence given before the Select Committee of the House of Commons1 item1878Report of the Committee of the Thirlmere Defence Association1 item1878A microscopical examination of certain water samples by Jabez Hogg, surgeon and President of the Medical Microscopica Society, and a chemical analysis by Dugald Campbell, an analytical chemist1 item1874A paper regarding London's Water Supply, that was read before Section F, Economic Science and Statistics, British Association (Plymouth)1 item1877A collection of newspaper cuttings about Manchester Corporation Waterworks and Thirlmere Aqueduct.1 volume1878List of people who signed the petition against the Manchester Waterworks Bill1 itemn.d.A petition of the Reverend B.R. Lawson and others against Manchester Corporation Water in the House of Lords1 item1878Memorandum as to probable income and expenditure for the next twenty years if the Thirlmere scheme is carried out1 item1878Financial account for the years 1888-1928 as well as an account of revenue received for water supply 1867-1877, a statement of profit and loss for every year between 1867 and 1877 and a list of points to be ascertained1 itemn.d.Extracts from the Leading Journals on the Manchester Water Scheme, printed by the Thirlmere Defence Association1 item1877-78A letter from Henry J. Marten and I. Foster to the Thirlmere Defence Association1 item1877A copy of the report by Mr Baull as to supply of water from the New Red Sandstone in Liverpool1 item1877Proof of Thomas Fenwick Esq., a civil engineer.1 item1878Observations on the Resolution of the Commons Committee1 item1878Proof of Edward Easton Esq.2 items1878Evidence of Mr. Harry J. Marten2 items1878Water samples, proof of Mr John Fleming1 itemn.d.Copy of correspondence between Messrs Harward and Co. and the Town Clerk, Manchester1 volume1877-78Instructions for the Cross Examination of Mr Bateman1 item1878Notes for the Cross Examination of J. Heron, Town Clerk, and two letters written by Heron 3 items1877-78Instructions for the Cross Examination of Mr. Grave1 item1878Two copies of a report of the Manchester Waterworks Committee2 items1877Observations about the different verdicts of the House of Lords and the House of Commons regarding the Manchester Corporation Water Bill1 itemn.d.Notes and points for consideration of J. Harward2 itemsn.d.Copy of two letters to the editor of the Spectator 2 itemsn.d.Instructions for cross examination of Mr. Grave1 itemn.d.Notes by Messrs Easton and Marten on Lord Bective's Case1 itemn.d.Detailed Statement of Opponents Case regarding the Second Reading of the Bill in the House of Commons1 item1878Instructions for cross examination of Mr. Grave1 itemn.d.
Papers relating to the Manchester Corporation Waterworks Act 1879
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