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Wood, Norris and Wilson, papers.
Wood, Norris and Wilson, papers.
A deed relating to the appointment of William Lancaster as a new trustee of Benjamin Lancaster's will, by John Keighley, another trustee of the Lancaster estate9 Aug 1870An agreement between Astbury and Pickford Ltd and Alfred Pickford, relating to the retirement of Alfred Pickford and the selling of his shares back to the company17 Dec 1912Letters of administration relating to the estate of John Pennington11 Apr 1890An agreement regarding the dissolution of William Booth and CompanyAgreement names the following people: William Booth, Robert Topham, and James Begg Shaw1 Dec 1881Papers relating to the dissolution of the cotton company, Knowles and KennedyIncludes a deed regarding the dissolution of partnership between Alfred Knowles and Archibald Kennedy, and a copy of the London Gazette with notification of this dissolution8 May-Jun 30 1874Deeds relating to personal belongings at 5 Thrustle Bank, Old Trafford, and the ownership of these belongings from Walter Scott Berry to Thomas Pilling Shelmerdine, and then to Eliza Anne Leicester10 Mar 1881Shares certificates for Boddingtons' Breweries Ltd, owned by Suzanne Johanne Munroe, and purchased on her behalf by R.A. Armitage and Son, Stock Brokers1902Deeds for the transfer of Rochdale Canal Navigation shares from various owners to Joseph FentonThese previous owners include: Edmund Buckley, Edward Markland, and John Heaton1846-1859Mortgage agreement between Henry Owen and Thomas Broughall, for property in Chorlton-on-Medlock 27 Jul 1860Deeds relating to Mary Sutton, later Mary Turk, and her Trustees, Charles William Sutton and Walter Bedford Bell, and investments1907-1921A deed concerning the transfer of property in Cheetham between John Dales and John Redfern7 Jun 1851Papers relating to John Cunliffe KayIncludes deeds and policy papers relating to his life assurance policy, deeds for the appointment of new trustees for his marriage settlement with Jane Ann Atkinson, and War Stock Certificates that have been transferred to John and Jane's children 1877-1893Papers relating to the Smith familyIncludes the will and probate deeds for Jane Smith, probate of the will for George Smith, and other deeds associated with George Smith's estate1838-1883
Wood, Norris and Wilson, papers.
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