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Wood, Norris and Wilson, papers.
Wood, Norris and Wilson, papers.
Marriage settlement agreement between George Henry Brown and Mary Holme30 Jun 1868Marriage settlement agreement between Henry Wood and Eliza WalkerAlso includes a correspondence relating to this settlement1859-1888Settlement between Thomas Tongue, and John Kershaw and George Peter Philips Gray, regarding the transfer of household furniture and other chattels 29 Jun 1868Agreement between the Reverend Thomas Holme and Henry Holme in regards to properties and shares of monies obtained in the sale of such property 6 Oct 1881Deeds relating to a plot of land on Albert Road, in LevenshulmeDeeds include the following people: Edmund Coston, Joseph Wood, John Norbury, and William Booth1874-1899Papers relating to the marriage settlement of Henry Newall and Maria FentonIncludes deed of declaration of trust, and deeds relating to the appointments of new trusteesAlso includes a ledger relating to the marriage settlement's account1852-1899Papers relating to the sale of Hooley Bridge Mills, near HeywoodIncludes an agreement by John Fenton, Robert Raven, and Thomas Rymer, to pay Hilton Kay for his servicesAlso includes a letter of indemnity and a pamphlet for the sale of the property1873Mrs ScottAgreement with Mr Weatherby as salesmen(Sealed)Two lease agreements between Elizabeth Edwards, and John Sankey and John Platt, for a property known as Blackley House, at Blackley1867-1873An agreement between George Lowry and John Fletcher regarding the lease of workshops and foundries in Bury Street and Cross Street, in SalfordAlso includes a correspondence relating to a mortgage16 Aug 1871Agreement of purchase between Henry Holme Snr. and Henry Holme Jnr.6 Sep 1864Acknowledgement of share under the will of James Carlton, and agreement to execute release by Joseph and Jane Wright, Frances Gill, and William and Eleanor Lacon, and a second acknowledgement by Robert AndersonAlso includes memoranda1874-1878Agreement between George Thompson and Syke Mill Company16 Jun 1884Agreement, plus drafts and correspondence, between George Herbert Bates and Edith Bates, in regards to Edith Bates' maintenance1903-1905
Wood, Norris and Wilson, papers.
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