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Emigration Letters and Reports Book
Emigration Letters and Reports Book
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Contains a scrapbook of reports for each girl that was emigrated to Canada between 1905-1907. These reports were compiled by assistants at Marchmont Receiving Home and sent back to the Refuge detailing the condition of each girl. These have since been collected and attached to the book under each child's name. Some pages also include letters sent from the girls to the Refuge.Contains an index at the front of the book listing the girls names. Some of the girls with papers in this book, however, are not listed in the main index. These have been included in the list below along with their relevant page number for reference.' Abram, Mary Ann (p70)' Alcock, Catherine' Alcroft, Martha' Anderson, Edith ' Ashmore, Jenny ' Ashmore, Maggie ' Atherton, Annie' Atherton, Lizzie (p77) ' Barker, Ada (p72)' Barker, Beatrice (p73) ' Barnwell, Louisa' Barnwell, Minnie ' Bates, Amelia ' Beaumont, Margaret ' Berrie, Florence' Brown, Annie ' Brown, Lizzie' Butters, Violet' Carr, Elsie (p75)' Cookson, Janette (Jeanette)' Coggan, May (p78)' Davenport, Beatrice' Davenport, Sarah' Dawson, Lily ' Dootson Nellie' Edwards, Emma ' Edwards, Sophia' Flynn, Amy' Gough, Sarah Anne' Griffith, Mabel ' Guy, Annie' Guy, Minnie' Haddon, Louisa ' Harford, Selina ' Hall, Lily' Heaver, Mary' Hilton, Hilda ' Howarth, Isabella' Ingham, Elizabeth' Jarran, Francis' Kitson, Dorothy (p79)' Lakin, Harriet' Lawless, Helen' Lawless, Mary Anne ' Leighfield, Nora' Lomas, Annie' Matthews, Grace ' McClure, Harriet ' McGregor, Jessie ' Meredith, Agnes ' Meredith, Eliza' Meredith, Elsie' Metcalf, Ethel' Norman, Beatrice' Ponting, Alice ' Panton, Alice ' Peake, Lizzie (p80) ' Penlington, Edith' Philips, May Ann' Pickering, Alice ' Pinches, Mary Ellen' Pritchard, Nellie ' Pertill, Catherine' Shepherd, Nellie' Shipton, Norah (p71)' Shipton, Amy (p74) ' Shipton, Elizabeth ' Smith, Florence' Taylor, Theresa' Tinker, Martha' Tinker, Olive' Turton, Annie ' Vaughan, Edith (p76)' Vickers, Elizabeth' Waller, Phyllis' Williamson, Martha ' Wood, Lily
Emigration Letters and Reports Book
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