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Emigration Book No.4
Emigration Book No.4
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Box contains separate wallets which hold records on boys being emigrated to Canada in 1890-1891. Each wallet contains various reports, and some letters, that have been compiled up to the year of 1911. Contains papers for;' Allen, Herbert ' Barlow, John ' Berry, Edward ' Bracegirdle, Alfred ' Brownhill, George ' Brough, Richard ' Bury, Charles ' Bury, Harold ' Bury, Henry' Byron, Joseph' Campbell, Thomas' Campbell, William ' Clayton, Fred' Collins, Francis Henry (appears as Cullins on some documents)' Colster, Walter' Connor, Peter ' Doherty, Thomas Henry' Dooley, William' Fairbank, Frank' Fletcher, John' Fry, Annie' Fry, Eli' George, Edwin' Gregory, William' Handcock, Thomas' Hargreaves, Thomas' Harrop, Charles' Hill, Edward' Johnson, William Henry' Jones, John' Jones, William' Kirk, John' Kirk, Joseph' Lane, William' Leigh, John' Leon, John William' Leon, ' Maddock, Thomas ' McCann, James' Meggitt, George' Monaghan, Owen ' Monks, Thomas' Nicholson, Henry' Nicholson, William' O'Hara, James Michael' Pearson, William Eric' Potter, Enoch ' Price, William' Robertson, Sydney' Simmons, Herbert' Simmons, Walter Henry ' Sinclair, Thomas' Siville, George' Smith, Leonard' Smith, William Leonard' Stanley, Harry' Stanley, Charles' Tarrington, Harry' Thornton, James' Wardby, Edward' Walker, James' Walton, Samuel ' Webster, Richard' West, Richard G ' Williams, Abraham ' Williams, Alfred
Emigration Book No.4
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