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Emigration Book No.8
Emigration Book No.8
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Emigration book containing case reports on boys detailing their conditions in Canada. Some also include letters sent to England from the individuals. Contains papers for:' Adams, Francis ' Allen, Harry' Bellfield, William' Boardman, William' Bozon, Arthur ' Brennan, William' Brown, Thomas' Buckham, John' Carr, Harry' Carr, William ' Cheetham, Charles' Clarke, Richard ' Cowst, Arthur' Denham, James' Endsor, Arthur ' Etchells, Thomas' Evans, Charles' Eveill, John (Evesill, John)' Eveill, William (Evesill, William)' Fain, John ' Faulkner, James ' Fay, Patrick ' Fletcher, Ernest' Fletcher, Harry' Fordsham, David' Frain, Joseph' Griffiths, Robert Joseph' Hargreaves, Samuel' Hallsworth, Henry ' Hartley, Edward ' Hawkins, Alfred ' Hill, Edward ' Hinchcliffe, James ' Holt, Jason E' Houghton, Walter' Hully, Percy' Hulme, James' Irvin, Benjamin' Jepson, Thomas' Jepson, William' Johnston, John' Jones, Levi' Keighley, Alfred' Kenyon, William' Kershaw, Arnold' Maddocks, Joseph' Mawson, William ' McIntyre, Henry' Milner, John Alfred' Moran, James' Newhall, William ' Nowell, Sydney Gordon' Ogden, James' Ogden, John' Parkes, Fergus' Perry, Harry ' Perry, William' Petts, Patrick ' Powell, John' Reaney, William' Robinson, John' Ross, William G' Russel, Alfred' Schilling, Lewis ' Shufflebottom, Robert ' Speare, James' Spence, John ' Spiers, James ' Stewart, John' Stewart, James ' Thompson, William ' Trueblood, Alfred' Walche, James ' Whiting, John ' Whittle, Robert ' Wilkinson, J
Emigration Book No.8
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