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Emigration Reports, Girls A-G
Emigration Reports, Girls A-G
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Loose papers and reports largely concerning girls resident in Ontario between the years of 1905-1919. Papers vary between handwritten and typed reports of the girls' conditions in their current homes. Many of these have been conducted by the 'Sheltering Homes' on Myrtle Street, Liverpool, as Marchmont Home had been under their management by 1916. The reports included details on the child's name, residence, date of emigration, date that the report was made and general condition regarding family, surroundings and prospects. Reports from the Marchmont Receiving Home, from before 1916, are also included which contain similar details. The series contains some letters, newspapers reports detailing marriages and notes of addresses. Girls contained in the file include; ' Abram, Mary (5 documents)' Alcock, Katie (2 documents)' Allcock, Kate ' Allcroft, Martha ' Atherton, Annie (3 documents)' Ashmore, Jane ' Ashmore, Jennie ' Ashmore, Maggie' Barker, Ada (3 documents) ' Barker, Beatrice (4 documents)' Barnwell, Louie (2 documents)' Barnwell, Minnie (2 documents)' Bates, Amelia (4 documents)' Bates, Minnie' Beaumont, Margaret (2 documents)' Bennett, Isabella (8 documents)' Bevie, Florence ' Billington, Alice (5 documents)' Boardman, Elizabeth (2 documents)' Booth, Annie' Bowden, Lucy ' Bridge, Edith' Broadhurst, Hannah ' Brown, Lizzie ' Buffrey, Wilfred (Buffrey, Hilfred)' Burgess, Florence (2 Florence)' Butters, Violet (Butlers, Violet) (6 documents)) ' Carr, Elsie (5 documents)' Christie, Annie (3 documents)' Christie, Doris (4 documents)' Coggan, Mary (2 documents)' Coggan, May (2 documents)' Collins, Mary ' Collins, Mary Jane (Colles, Mary Jane)' Collins, Mary Jane (2 documents)' Collins, Mary J (2 documents)' Cookson, Jeanette (3 documents)' Corkhill, Margaret (5 documents)' Corkhill, Maggie' Coward, Emma ' Cramb, Mary (3 documents)' Davenport, Beatrice (2 documents)' Dawson, Lily (2 documents)' Edwards, Emma' Fennor, Margaret (3 documents) ' Flinn, Amy (3 documents)' Flinn, Elsie (3 documents)' Goodwin, Mary (6 documents)' Green, Margaret (6 documents)' Guy, Annie ' Guy, Minnie (2 documents)
Emigration Reports, Girls A-G
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