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Hayman Series 1 - Items 22-23d
Hayman Series 1 - Items 22-23d
(22) Valuation of the properties of the Trustees on the line of their Bridgewater Canal and Mersey and Irwell Navigation, Oct 1871(22a) Parliamentary Notice of Bill for incorporation of a company to acquire the undertakings 9summary and note by A.Hayman)(23) Mersey and Irwell Navigation Improvement Scheme and opposition to the Manchester Ship Canal Bill 1883Book containing complete reports on the improvement scheme to raise the standard for vessels through to Manchester from 50 tons to 500 tonsReports by Henry Collier (General Manager, Bridgewater Navigation Company Ltd), R.Lingard Monk (solicitor and legal adviser), W.C.Renshaw (barrister and legal adviser), Sir Frederick J.Bramwell (consulting engineer)Includes plan attached to Bramwell's report and a more detailed plan by Francis Wiswall (Engineer, Bridgewater Navigation Co. Ltd)(23a) Extract from Warrington Guardian 3 Dec 1884 reporting that the Directors of the Bridgewater Navigation Company Ltd had decided on an improvement scheme for the Mersey and Irwell Navigation(23aa) Proof of J.Meadowcroft: statement 1885(23b) Statement by J.W.Cropper (Chairman, Bridgewater Navigation Company Ltd) 17 Dec 1884 to the shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting held in Manchester for the purpose of resolving that the scheme should proceed and the means of raising the capital cost of £300,000 or more(23c) Extract from Warrington Guardian 20 Dec 1884 reporting on the above meeting and the resolutions to proceed(23d) Minute book of the Mersey and Irwell Improvement Committee: one meeting only, 13 Feb 1885, ordering the first £24,000 of improvements
Hayman Series 1 - Items 22-23d
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