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Hayman Series 10 (The Commercial Life of the Bridgewater Canal)
Hayman Series 10 (The Commercial Life of the Bridgewater Canal)
The Commercial Life of the Bridgewater Canal 1761-1974' by A. Hayman, Dec 1985 (typescript) DO NOT ISSUESupporting documentsTraffic statistics(1) Manager's Office memoranda book on traffic 1872-1879: comprises various tables of statistics on traffic, rates, tolls and distances and import and export figues for ten years prior to 1872 (1 volume)(2) Manager's Office memoranda book on toll traffic and Castlefield Lock traffic 1876-1888 (1 volume)(3) Year-end traffic returns 1874-1879: includes wages for Anderton Yard, Runcorn Yard, New Works and Casual Hire (5 documents)(4) Traffic on Freight 1876 (1 document); two pages of additional notes by Hayman(5) Report on the traffic of the Bridgewater Department 1892-1896 (1 document)(6) Traffic returns, comparative statement 1892-1896 (1 document)(7) Report by the Chairman to the Directors explaining the decrease in Bridgewater net revenue in 1900 as compared with 1896, 1902 (1 document)(8) Rates of carriage between Liverpool and Manchester on the principal descriptions of merchandise 1800-1884 (1 document) comprises 1800, 1811, 1812, 1821, 1822, 1828, 1831, 1835, 1841, 1842, 1849, 1868, 1872, 1876, 1882, 1883, 1884(9) Barge delivery notes 1823 (17 documents - found during demolition of Leigh Toll House, 1950)(10) Cotton for Rochdale and District 1913-1915 (1 document): tonnage from Liverpool and Manchester to individual firms(11) Runcorn Docks Toll Traffic 1909-1913; Summary of Freight Traffic 1919-1923; Summary of Toll Traffic 1931-1935 (3 documents); General Traffic and Coal Traffic 1949-1960 (1 document); Commercial Traffic 1961-1964, 1963-1966, 1967-1974 (3 documents)(12) Firms having waterside premises Jul 1945 (1 document)(13) Bridgewater Manager's Report for year ending 31 Dec 1973: detailed report with historical introduction and financial results 1868-1973, following the endof the Bridgewater Department and formation of Bridgewater Transport Services (1 Nov 1973), followed by the creation of the Estates and Runcorn Docks as separate enititiesCoal(14) Memoir of the underground canals and coal mines of Worsley near Manchester by H.Fournel and I.Dyrevre, Paris 1842: translated extracts by Dr David Owen of Manchester Museum (1 document, photocopy)(15) Rochdale Canal: landing places and table of distances, Nov 1874, with sketch of coal tips, Nov 1891; also collieries and tips on the Bridgewater Canal(16) Tolls to be charged to the Bridgewater Trustees, the Ellesmere Trustees or any of their tenants or lessees, Aug 1887 (1 pamphlet, printed)(17) 'Trafford Power Station' issued by Central Electricity Generating Board, North West, Merseyside and North Wales Region, c.1958 (1 pamphlet)(18) Coal Traffic on the Bridgewatewr Canal: firms with waterside premises, Dec 1930, Jan 1940 (2 documents)(19) ' The Duke of Bridgewater and the 18th Century fuel crisis: a lecture given before the Royal Society of Arts' by Hugh Malet, Dec 1974Photographs(20) Bridgewater Collieries Tip, Worsley, n.d.(21) Coal boats at Stretford Gas Works, Apr 1948(22) Coal boats berthed on south side of Barton Aqueduct, c.1948(23) Coal barges waiting to proceed over Barton Aqueduct, north side, n.d.(24) Mersey flats pulled by tug passing coal boats at Stretford, n.d.(25) Trafford Power Station, Trafford Park, north side, c.1968(26) Trafford Power Station, Trafford Park, south side, c.1968(27) Discharging coal at Manchester Corporation Power Station, Barton, Feb 1947(28) Map and section of Leeds and Liverpool Canal showing coal seams, Barton-Worsley-Leigh, from Manchester Ship Canal Bridgewater Canals Bill, 1906(29)(a-h) Last Bridgewater barges from Manchester docks to Kelloggs, Mar 1974: barges waiting to load at grain elevator No 9 Dock; barges alongside pneumatic end No 9 Dock; first barge leaving No 9 Dock; passing Manchester Liners container ship, No 9 Dock; in main Ship Canal passing Trafford Wharf; passing through Railway Swingbridge near Trafford Road; on the Upper Irwell approaching Hulme Locks; discharging in Kelloggs canal arm(i) Castlefield Wharf, Manchester, wooden barge 'Ellesmere' with Duke's original coal wharf in background, c.1947(j) Entrance to Preston Brook Tunnel south side, 1940s(k) Narrow boats approaching junction at Stretford from Altrincham, Apr 1948(l) From junction at Stretford looking towards Manchester, Apr 1948(m) Castlefield Wharf, Manchester, 1950s(n) Bridgewater Department's tug 'Stretford' leaving Hulme Locks, Jul 1951(o) View of Hulme Locks and the lock-keeper's cottage, pre-1960(p) Hulme Locks, May 1964(q) New line of locks at Runcorn before abandonment under Manchester Ship Canal Act 1966(r) Runcorn new line of locks after gates removed preparatory to filling-in, Jul 1967(s) Mechanical horses under canopy of middle warehouse, Castlefield, post-1945(t) Bridgewater Canal Offices, Chester Road, Manchester, pre-1976(u) Postcard of the Runcorn Basin postmarked 1901Plans(30) Manchester Ship Canal Bridgewater Canals distance tables, n.d.(31) Waterways in North West England, n.d.(32) Plan of premises at Castlefield rented by Thompson McKay and Company, Apr 1886
Hayman Series 10 (The Commercial Life of the Bridgewater Canal)
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