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Pieter Dirk Uys
Pieter Dirk Uys
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Pieter Dirk Uys is a South African satirist, active as a performer, author and social activist. He is the son of a Calvinist Afrikaner father and Berlin born Jewish mother and began his dramatic career as a serious playwright, switching to one man revues at the height of the apartheid era. Uys is well known for his character Evita Bezuidenhout (also known as Tannie Evita), a 'white Afrikaner socialite and political activist'. Pieter Dirk Uys brought his show 'Foreign Aids' to queerupnorth in 2003, when it was recorded live at the Contact Theatre on 9 May 2003. 'Foreign Aids' attempts to 'shatter the silence that hangs over the South African AIDS crisis'. Of the show the New York Times said: 'Arthur Miller once wrote that there is a radical politics of the heart as well as the ballot box. That's where theatre should be. We're lucky to have 'Foreign Aids' in our town right now.' Anyone wishing to view this item should contact Manchester Archives and Local Studies in advance of visiting by telephoning 0161 234 1980 or emailing The VHS copy is held as part of The Theatre Collection, Department of Drama, University of Bristol, Cantocks Close, Bristol BS8 1UP (telephone 0117 3315086 or visit Material:See also M800/3/10/3/3; M800/3/10/1/3; M800/3/10/1/8; M800/3/10/1/14Running Length:1 hour 30 minutesFormat:VHS PALLocation:England
Pieter Dirk Uys
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