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Unedited audio of the Radhia Sultana Ali filmed interview 
Interview by: Atiha Chaudry
Unedited audio of the Radhia Sultana Ali filmed interview Interview by: Atiha Chaudry
29 Jun 2017
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Interview description by: Harriet Morgan-ShamiTrack 1:Tells her name and explains that she was born in Sylhet. Says that her mother was very young during the time of the Partition. Recalls her mother telling stories about seeing planes flying overhead during WWII and how frightening that was. [01:24] Recalls her Aunt, whose family lived closer to the new Indian border, seeing women being mutilated and telling stories about large groups of people fleeing and losing their homes. [03:05] Talks about her own memories of the Bangladeshi War of Independence which occurred when she was a child. Remembers her mother making her sleep in her clothes so that they could run away if necessary. Remembers feeling very scared. Recalls there being a bunker in her family’s backyard which they sheltered in from bombing. [04:25] Tells of her uncle and other male relatives being “disappeared”. Talks about an aunt losing her husband, who was a policeman, and struggling with 3 young children. Remembers her grandmother grieving for her son. Remembers people from urban centres, mainly women, coming to seek shelter in her family home in the countryside. [06:36]Track 2:Talks about her great aunt being an education minister in Jinnah’s government when Bangladesh was East Pakistan. [01:56] General discussion between film makers, interviewer and interviewee about how to talk about photograph depicting great aunt with Jinnah and other ministers. [03:26] Talks about a photograph of her great aunt, an education minister, with Jonnah. Explains that the photograph was given to her by her aunt to preserve as it is difficult to keep photographs in Bangladesh where the weather is so hot which leads to things rotting. She expresses pride at having a relative in such an important position. [04:40] Talks about a male relative who worked in peace negotiations in the War of Independence and was subsequently shot. [06:09] Believes that the Partition resulted in a large cost. Talks about the media being supportive of the winner and therefore other stories not being told. [07:21]Track 3:General discussion between Radhi, her husband and interviewer/film maker about the people in the photograph and her relationship to them. [01:38 End of the interview]
Unedited audio of the Radhia Sultana Ali filmed interview Interview by: Atiha Chaudry
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29 Jun 2017
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