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Sikh Family History Project Revisited Archive
Sikh Family History Project Revisited Archive
Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust1985-2019
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This collection includes the oral history and related material (documents and photographs) from the Sikh Family History Project reminiscence session held Feb 2019. It also includes three publications that were donated on the day of the interview by one of the participants and a copy of the volunteer nomination made regarding the project for the Greater Manchester Archives and Local Studies Volunteer Awards. An additional donation of photographs of the Sikh Community in Manchester was donated by a project participant.
Sikh Family History Project Revisited Archive
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Accession 2019/7 created by AIURRRC & ET. Accession 2019/3 donated by Martin Palmer and were in his care until the 1 Feb 2019. Accession 2019/6 - digital version of the original images donated by Daljit Singh, Oct 2019.
GB3228.85/1 Oral History reminiscence session recording and associated materialGB3228.85/2 PublicationsGB3228.85/3 Volunteer awards nominationGB3228.85/4 Photographs of the Manchester Sikh Community
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Summary and index of the oral history session produced by Jennifer Vickers available on request
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The original Sikh Family History Project was set up in 1982 as a one year Community Enterprise Programme funded by the Manpower Services Commission. The project was established to help young Sikhs to learn and understand about their heritage and to combat the effects of growing racism in the 1980s.The Manpower Services Commission funded two researchers, a publicity officer and an administrator and contributed towards running costs. In the first year the project began by focusing on the first generation of elders and their experiences. These were the generation who had experienced Pre-partition Indian, the decisions behind their move to the UK, the migration journey and their view of and adaption to a new and strange environment. This group were able to provide a link back to the Punjab and record the history of the Manchester community from its arrival in the UK until the 1980s.The three goals of the project were to:Show young Sikhs that they have a legitimate place in the local community using the first hand testimony of those who had moved and integrated into the UK.Contribute to a wider multi-cultural education in Manchester to provide reliable information to combat misconceptions and stereotypes.Educate British Sikhs about the context of their community including social, cultural and economic traditions.In the original project 42 interviews were undertaken with a cross section of the community, both men and women and often several generations of the same family. Alongside this photographs were collected which are held in the Manchester Digital Photograph Archive. The project ran for more than the year as additional funding was obtained from a variety of sources. There was considerable work undertaken around promotion of the project including events and exhibitions. The book ‘Speaking for Ourselves’ was produced using information and quotes from the original interviews.The original Sikh family History Project was pioneering in its aims, activities and achievements. The Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre and Education Trust (AIU Centre) have been aware of the project and keen to make links / promote the outputs of the project. Extensive searching has failed to identify the location of the original oral history recordings or the film that was produced towards the end of the project.As part of an ongoing project the AIU Centre carries out oral history interviews with individual people to capture their stories for the archive. One such interview was undertaken with Kanta Walker who had been a part of the Sikh Family History Project. Kanta was able to facilitate contact with Daljit Singh and Raj Kaur who were two of the project researchers. Initial discussions developed the idea of holding a reminiscence session for members of the original project group. Daljit Singh and Raj Kaur undertook to locate and provide contact details for as many of the project members as they could. From this information staff at the AIU Centre were able to set up the session for the 1 Feb 2019. In attendance were:Daljit Sing (SFHP Researcher and Management Committee member)Raj Kaur (SFHP Researcher)Parvinder Sohal (SFHP Administrator)Martin Palmer (SFHP Management Committee member)Kitty Fitzgerald (SFHP Writer)Kanta Walker (SFHP Management Committee Secretary)Phil Baldwin (SFHP Management Committee Chairman)For a small portion of the conversation the group was joined by Jasminder Kandola (SFHP Publicity Officer).The interview was undertaken at Manchester Central Library on Friday 1 February 2019. The interview was chaired by Joanne Robson, with support from Jennifer Vickers and Laila Benhaida. The interview was recorded in three separate tracks with a break for lunch.Martin Palmer brought a number of publications to the oral history session and donated them to the archive. These publications although not a direct outcome of the SFHP were influenced by the knowledge and cont
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GB3228.85/4 Original photographs are retained by the donor
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Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre Archive and Library:A database that was used to organise the event has been added to the AIUET digital archive and hardcopy research notes created by J. Robson on the project have been GB3228.22.Sikh Family History Project Annual Report 1982-1983 (AIURRRC Ref: MAN.HI.1/SIKSpeaking for Ourselves - Sikh Oral History Project (AIURRRC Ref: MAN/HI.1/SIK)Manchester Archives and Local Studies Manchester Digital Photographic Archive:GB124.DPA/1654 Photographs and documents relating to the Singh familyGB124.DPA/1655 Photographs related to Sarup Singh Landa and the early Sikh Community in ManchesterGB124.DPA/1656 Photographs and documents related to Mr Dharay Singh Landa and familyGB124.DPA/1657 Photographs related to Gurpal Singh Digwa and familyGB124.DPA/1658 Photographs and documents related to Shemsher Singh Bhakar and familyGB124.DPA/1659 Photographs and documents related to Kartar Pritam and familyGB124.DPA/1660 Photographs and documents relating to Samiter Kaur Singh and familyGB124.DPA/1661 Photographs and documents relating to Samiter Kaur Singh and familyGB124.DPA/1721 Photographs relating to Kaljit SinghGB124.DPA/1736 Photographs related to Bunner SinghGB124.DPA/1743 Photographs and documents related to Sardar Singh and familyGB124.DPA/1744 Photographs and documents related to Daljit Singh
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