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McPherson Psychological Thriller 2 [electronic resource]
McPherson Psychological Thriller 2 [electronic resource]
McPherson, Ben2020
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It didn’t feel much like murder at the time. Their stepfather was a cruel man, prone to unpredictable rages. No child should have to live with that.Ten years ago, Lucas’s sister stepped off the pavement into the path of a truck. It seems she couldn’t live with what she’d done. Now his mother is dead too, and old secrets are rising to the surface.Everything his mother had she’s left to Lucas – and turns out it’s a lot. Shocked and confused, Lucas begins to wonder what really happened to his mother. Why would she cut out his brother – her only other living child? And why does their uncle seem to be covering his tracks?Enter Farah – beautiful, clever, American – and the only person Lucas can turn to for help. She claims to see what Lucas can’t: that his uncle despises him, that his new stepfather is a bully, and that his own brother hates him. But in revealing the truth, will Farah be saving Lucas or leading him down a dangerous path?Soon enough, the situation escalates. Three deaths; two possible murders, and an attempt on Lucas’s life are enough to drive anyone over the edge. He finds himself growing increasingly obsessed – both with Farah and with the elegant power of his brother’s gun. It seems only a matter of time before three deaths become four…
[Place of publication not identified] : HarperCollins, 2020
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